Problems with the Triggers in Lonewolf

Almost all Triggers are broken!!!

For example: Some triggers spawn the incorrect item but when corrected don’t work…

They need a full revision!

Some triggers works but the msg doesn’t work:
– Cutting up hides to make leather
– Cutting up bolts of cloth

Working but with incorrect msg (using one hard coded):
– Cutting cloth to make bandages or tailoring

The Mixing Flour Trigger doesn’t work because water (0xff doesn’t accept flour (0xa1e): Displaying a hard coded msg (“You cant mix here”)

Use the Stove on the dough doesn’t work.

Envoked Items didn’t work:
– Fill pitcher with milk using a cow
– Spin silk

Fill the empty wash basin with water using a pitcher of water (same as mixing flour)

You can’t use scissors with sheeps or goats (Does nothing)

You can’t break books or chairs (Standard Weapon error msg)

New Alchemy doesn’t work (It said that isn’t a correct reagent)

In Dragon Blood Alchemy, the reactive (vial) is used like food (incorrect ID in Hard Code probably)

You can’t recollect fruits or vegetables (same as Shay) see Envoke.scp Topic for more details.

Other Question… How MAKE really works? In the help is said that MAKE <Menu number in create.scp><Skill Number for the menu>, both decimal. But in in the trigger is used this way: MAKE <decimal 1><decimal 2><hex1><hex2>.


~ por Covenant en 6 de enero de 2002.


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