Wish to take the Scripts

Esto es un extracto del foro de Lonewolf de cuando empecé de scripter… lo incluyo aquí como parte de las cosas de Vieja Sosaria…

We (Vieja Sosaria) wish to reorganize the scripts adding all the new stuff (UO:TD & LBR creature for example) and a lot of new Items (i.example: Ninja Suit). But I want to know if our scripts could become the stander scripts for future Lonewolf releases.

We’re going to use the last release like base for the new ones, Of course they’re going to be OSI like (standard stuff). The Items and creatures which haven’t appear in OSI yet are going to have stats similar to other of their kind (Sea Horse is going to be very similar to a normal horse).

Please, if there is other person working on this, or you aren’t interested in our idea, tell me and we’ll do other thing.

Duke acepta outsourcing el scripting a condición de que no haya cambios entre releases que requiera meses completarse.

Ok that’s perfect
I’me very happy with this opportunity
Of course, I accept the conditions!

I have started re-ordering the npc script (without a numeration change). I have added more than 32 UOTD npcs using a numeration starting from 20000 (so you can see the new npcs very easy) and I’ve corrected the IDs which need a change. In addition I have added all the monsters weapons to Items.scp with a numeration starting from 80000.

If there’re problems with that numeration please tell me and I will change it in a moment.

I have an idea for the problem with the scripts size. The NPC Shopkeepers have a huge list of items for buy and sell. There are four copies of that list for each shopkeeper (male, female, invul male, invul female) and in related professions there’s a lot of repeated info.

Is it possible to add something like this:


I think it could help a little bit with the script size.

Don’t worry I’m not going to renumber the scripts yet.
This is a very long term plan, before that there’s a lot of things to do (add the new things and correct the wrong ones mainly). Change all the numbers for both items and npcs could take me a lot of time (change spawn list, loot list, shoplifts , and so on… ), and the problem with existing shard spawners… (like my own shard) If we can’t find a solution it’s better to left the numbers alone

Yes, I know the hardcoded npc numbers but I don’t know all the barcoded items, that’s why I have started with npcs.

When I finish with that I must add all the new npcs and items to the spawn lists too, after that I wish to take a look in the triggers script and mark the non-working ones.

nice to be here

PS: I preffer SHOPLIST too

Duke y Naught me dan la bienvenida oficial al equipo…

Thanks both for the warm welcome!

That’s great! You have done a great job fixing a lot of bugs! Now I know who can help me if I get in trouble

I’m going to finish the npcs (just a few adds more) and then going to start with the triggers. Then you can be a great wisdom source

And again thanks for all!

Please take a look to the npcs.scp and items.scp.

I have worked only in npcs.scp but I have added some npc’s weapons to the items script.

You can see how is going to be organized the npcs:

Special Animals
Guards & Shopkeepers

(same as above)

Spawn Lists
Loot Lists
Name Lists
(Necromancy & Summons)

The temporal numbering of the new NPCs is 16000-16104 but I’m going to change it when I finish the file. The new Items numbering is from 80001.

The npcs.scp is almost finished, I need to adjust the shopkeepers and add the new npcs to spawn list.

Take a look here:

Please if you find any error tell me ASAP so I could correct it.

Naught avisa de estructurar la cabecera, que un script no está disponible y que he dejado algunos comentarios en español

Yes, I’m going to put the structure at the header and probably a little list with the hardcoded npc numbers.

Little mistake! the URL is:

Uppss! It seems that I forgot to translate some comments in the Items.scp but don’t worry of course all the scripts are in english… I’ll correct them ASAP

Another thing, some of the new NPCs aren’t exactly like OSI. I haven’t enough time yet to adjust all the stats and loot (mainly because I need to add a lot of Items before).

I have added only the NPCs included in UO:TD and those from UO:LBR which have been included in the UO:TD latest patches but it seems that some monsters haven’t got the sounds in the UO:TD muls yet.


~ por Covenant en 2 de mayo de 2002.


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